[xmlsec] keyset does not exist for windows xp home

Timothy Jeffcoat timcoat at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 14:15:58 PDT 2006


I have a situation that seems to be related to the
issue defined at
 which means I get the error

library function failed: ;last error=-2146893802
(0x80090016);last error msg=Keyset does not exist

when I try to encrypt on a Win XP Home machine that I
am testing with.  On my development machine I have no
problems of this kind (my development machine is a Win
XP Pro).

Could someone tell me what I should do to solve this
problem? The response to the afore mentioned thread
indicates that the keyset should be created for the
user beforehand.  Okay, I could do that if I
understood what the means.  

thanks for the help.


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