[xmlsec] FW: Free/Destroy versus Memory Leak

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Mon May 1 18:06:30 PDT 2006

Hi Aleksey and Igor and Dmitry,

    Thanks for the recompiled libxmlsec 1.2.9+ Igor !!!  I ran the --repeat
test again using the command line utility as follows ...

xmlsec verify --crypto mscrypto --repeat 1000 --trusted-der
keys/upu-cacert.der inout/edsigned-enveloped.xml

The run started off at around 4800K and ended up around 45,000K
I changed --repeat to 2000 and I ended up at 86,000K

This was observed using Task Manager.

Not sure what is going on. Either the February patch (reordering key cleanup
calls) does not entirely fix the memory leak, or 1.2.9+ is still not picking
up the patch. Can't say for sure.

This is on WinXP using Igor's brand new libxmlsec 1.2.9+ binaries dated
14/04/2006. Our python/xmlsec server application exhibits the same memory
profile i.e. rapidly growing.

I know I am picking up Igor's latest 14/04/2006 .dll's on my path as I
renamed them to make sure and they naturally failed. OpenSSL crypto seems
fine, no leak, flat memory profile, much faster too !!! 

Ideas ?

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Hi Aleksey,

   I noticed that Igor has recompiled libxmlsec (now at 1.2.9), as well as
libxml2, and libxslt. They are now available at his site. We were anxiously
awaiting these upgrades.

Unfortunately he did not pick up your fix to the memory leak problem in
mscrypto that you fixed in February (attached and below) ? And I have no
idea which branch/trunk he may have used.

As you probably know our project has totally wrapped xmlsec and libxml2 in
Python using ctypes and absolutely everything is working fine with many
thanks to your excellent support. As such we have no MS VC6 software or
anything else MS and simply use Igor's pre-compiled binaries for our Windows
support. We have been running with the memory leak for awhile and things are
getting worse.

Can I trouble you to send me your versions of these Windows dll's:


It would be enormously appreciated.


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OK, I was able to reproduce the leak on Windows XP (before I tried Win2K).
The attached patch fixes the leak by reordering MSCrypto key cleanup calls.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

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