[xmlsec] Digital signature via SmartCards on NSS

Clizio Merli clizio at net4u.it
Wed Mar 22 07:08:18 PST 2006


here I am again, after quite a long time. In the past few days I worked 
again on the problem of signing with a SmartCard via NSS, and at last 
everything works fine.
I followed your suggestion to make all the dirty work outside of XmlSec: 
with a support of our libraries for digital signature I identify all the 
slots and tokens loaded on the system, I choose the correct token, I 
load the required certificate and the private key reference from the 
SmartCard, and I prepare a signature context in which I link a self-made 
xmlSecKey structure. So at last I sign, including the certificate in the 
resulting signed xml.

Thanks & Kind regards

Clizio Merli

Clizio dr. Merli

C.E.O. 4u Srl, Italy
ISACA CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)
EUCIP Certified
Socio AIP (Associazione Informatici Professionisti)
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