[xmlsec] Re: GOST support in xmlsec

Dmitry Belyavsky beldmit at cryptocom.ru
Fri Feb 10 09:07:04 PST 2006


On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> > The patch against CVS (rev 1.8) is attached.
> Thanks!!! Now, I applied the patch, did run the unit tests
> and it seems like quite a lot of tests are failing with the
> patch. It seems to me that most of these failures are related
> to the changes in x509vfy.c. Do you think it makes sense
> to separate the gost and x509vfy.c patches?

Yes, it seems to be a good idea...
What about previous version of the x509vfy.c?
What is the Windows version?

SY, Dmitry Belyavsky (ICQ UIN 11116575)

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