[xmlsec] Re: GOST support in xmlsec

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Feb 10 07:38:41 PST 2006

> Now xmlsec can't be configured without GOST because I don't understand
> autotools, but the patch contains all necessary defines.

I don't understand autotools either ... but I'll figure it out :)

> Thank you. If you like the patch, I want to discuss the support of GOST
> Symmetric Encryption.

I like the patch and it looks pretty straightforwad to me except one
change in src/mscrypto/x509vfy.c Probably the biggest problem I have is
that the patch does not want to apply correctly on the current TRUNK
(you mentioned that you did diff against 1.2.9). Can you explain what is
going on there? And if you can produce a patch against current trunk
I will greatly appreciate it.


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