[xmlsec] build problems under Suse 9.3/AMD/64

Rauch Christian info at rauch-webdesign.de
Tue Jan 24 00:29:11 PST 2006

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Aleksey Sanin schrieb:
>> i could now find, where this problem comes from. It only appears, if you
>> give ./configure the --libdir argument.
> What is the error message for these commands?
>     ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64
>     make

No problems at all there.

The problems appear at make install, where the libraries are installed
directly below the given directory, in my case /usr/lib.

This is only a packaging problem, not a build problem!

If you check the attached log snippet, you can see, that for the
libraries e.g. the following command is issued:
/usr/bin/install -c .libs/libxmlsec1.a /usr/lib/libxmlsec1.a

while for other files this command is executed:
/usr/bin/install -c 'xmlsec1' '/var/tmp/xmlsec1-1.2.9-root/usr/bin/xmlsec1'

This only occurs, if you give --libdir, so it is a problem during make
install not taking the rpm build root, but the real path on the working
system, what really should *not* be done when packaging.

As a consequence, the files can not be found at the end, because they
are in /usr/lib or whatever you gave as libdir, but not in <rpm build
root>/usr/lib, where they should be.

> Aleksey
I hope, this explains everything.

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