[Bulk] Re: [xmlsec] Verify - OpenSSL vs mscrypto

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Wed Jan 11 10:44:17 PST 2006

If I am not using Dmitry's patch, is it even possible to trigger a cert
chain verify ? Your posts to the list seem to indicate that it is. Just tell
me what function or sequence of functions it is and I'll call them. They
must be xmlSecMSCrypto specific.

The xmlSecDSigCtxVerify function does NOT presently trigger the checking of
the cert chain when using mscrypto. It does when using openssl. This is an
API inconsistency at the xmlsec level. So if xmlSecDSigCtxVerify doesn't
trigger the checking, what mscrypto function does ? Is it even supported ?

Perhaps you are telling me I MUST download Dmitry's latest patch and build
it to get what I am seeking ? Is this the case ?


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>    Dmitry is answering with respect to how his patch works. How do you 
> get the current Build to verify the certificate chain ?

You can check out the sources from CVS and do a build. It is very easy to do
even on Windows.

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