[xmlsec] Xmlsec not ok with AIX 5.2

ASSO asso at cp.finances.gouv.fr
Fri Jan 6 05:36:44 PST 2006

To come back on it, the check just finished.
Most of failed check now are due to the fact
that our testing computer is not allowed to access
to internet, so the uri calling method is not ok (x509 for example).

The "Enc" test (last part) is using "diff"  with an option "-u"
(I didn't check the code to see what call is made exactly)
but the log of the check says :
diff: illegal option -- u
then the Usage message which, of course, does not allow "-u"

Perhaps it could be fixed or changed later on.

Thank you for your time !

----- Original Message ----- 
Now my way to get it working :
I compile OpenSSL 0.9.8 in the normal way (aix-gcc) not shared since it is not possible
according to the documentation (AIX + GCC KO, but AIX + XLC (IBM compiler) OK).
Then I compile xmlenc with the following options :
./configure --prefix=dest --with-libxml=... -with-libxslt=... --with-openssl=where_I_insta
    -- enable-crypto-dl=no --enable-apps-crypto-dl=no
it compiles well and as far as I see right now, the beginning of the test (check) is ok
except from merlin-xmldsig-twenty-three/signature-external-(b64)-dsa,
merlin-xmldsig-twenty-three/signature-*-x509-*,.merlin-xmldsig-twenty-three/signature and
it continues.
I send later on the final status.
I will try to change of OpenSSL Library to see if it changes something in the check, as I
now how to compile it.

So, compiling with gcc on AIX needs to disable crypto-dl to work and of course
to add the libcrypto.a staticly to the program when we compile it with xmlenc.

Hope this can help other users...


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