[xmlsec] xmlSecMSCryptoX509StoreConstructCertsChain

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Dec 19 09:46:15 PST 2005

> I guess there is no non-crypto-specific version of this function ?
No, X509 verification is crypto specific. Though the other crypto
libraries do similar thing.

> Then does a call to xmlSecMSCryptoX509StoreConstructCertsChain do both a
> cert chain check and a revocation check ?
Take a look at the code. Yes, it does everything including all the
checks (e.g. verification time).

> Does this work now, or will it work only after Dmitry's patch ?
Unrelated to Dmirty's patch. His patch provides a shortcut that does
not call this function.


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