[xmlsec] Password Callback

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Dec 16 13:15:38 PST 2005

It should be pretty easy to add an application wide callback
that will be used if one in the function is not specified.
I would be happy to do this but it is unlikely that I would
have time till after Jan, 1st.


Edward Shallow wrote:
> Yes you are right. It is available on the explicit function call.
> However when you are specifying private key to use via KeyName in template
> key loading is done for you. Hence the need for the callback.
> Wouter responded separately saying it is CSP specific, not always the same,
> and not available in all version of Windows. Hence he didn't do one.
> Can NSS do this ? It has the same challenge with private keys loaded from
> NSS database and specified by KeyName in templates ?
> Ed 
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> I believe in xmlsec you should be able specify callback in the function call
> (e.g. read key from file). However, I don't know if xmlsec-mscrypto or
> mscrypto itself supports it or not.
> Aleksey
> Edward Shallow wrote:
>> Hi Aleksey,
>>    Is there an equivalent password callback that is similar in 
>> functionality to the xmlsec xmlSecErrorsSetCallback ?
>> I am using private keys with passwords loaded by name from the MS 
>> Crypto Store. At run time the Windows password prompt dialog box pops 
>> up. I would like to be able to specify/set a password callback which 
>> would take a string argument and return a password.
>> Is this possible with mscrypto ? If not is there another way to do this ? 
>> Ed
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