[xmlsec] Password Callback

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Fri Dec 16 12:23:48 PST 2005

Yes you are right. It is available on the explicit function call.

However when you are specifying private key to use via KeyName in template
key loading is done for you. Hence the need for the callback.

Wouter responded separately saying it is CSP specific, not always the same,
and not available in all version of Windows. Hence he didn't do one.

Can NSS do this ? It has the same challenge with private keys loaded from
NSS database and specified by KeyName in templates ?


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I believe in xmlsec you should be able specify callback in the function call
(e.g. read key from file). However, I don't know if xmlsec-mscrypto or
mscrypto itself supports it or not.


Edward Shallow wrote:
> Hi Aleksey,
>    Is there an equivalent password callback that is similar in 
> functionality to the xmlsec xmlSecErrorsSetCallback ?
> I am using private keys with passwords loaded by name from the MS 
> Crypto Store. At run time the Windows password prompt dialog box pops 
> up. I would like to be able to specify/set a password callback which 
> would take a string argument and return a password.
> Is this possible with mscrypto ? If not is there another way to do this ? 
> Ed
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