[xmlsec] Signing a template with mscrypto

Dmitry Belyavsky beldmit at cryptocom.ru
Thu Dec 8 07:38:25 PST 2005


On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> > But I'm not able to verify this XML with another user. It seems to happen
> > because xmlSecKeysMngrGetKey doesn't try to retreive either key from
> > X509Data or cert from mscrypto keys storage.
> Well, it *should* do it. Check that you allow X509 certificates and/or
> key names when you verify the signature.

I verify the signature using xmlsec.exe --verify signed.xml.

Whether xmlsec tries to retrieve them before xmlSecKeysMngrGetKey?

Thank you!

SY, Dmitry Belyavsky (ICQ UIN 11116575)

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