[xmlsec] dll issues - xmlsec binaries

dk at pdx.edu dk at pdx.edu
Thu Nov 17 17:43:08 PST 2005

Hi All,
  i have a very peculiar problem.
I wrote a C++ program in Visual Studio.NET and made use of the sign1.c in that
c++ program. After i build the .dll of this project i tried to use the
resulting .dll in some of my other applications.

Unfortunately, i notice that once i type in the code xmlInitParser() which is
the first line in sign1.c, my application which makes use of this dll is
crashing. But if i do not include any of the xmlsec API's my dll is perfectly
matching with my application.

Please note that, my project which is making use of the code in the sign1.c is
not giving any compile or link time errors while building .dll

i am using windows binanries of xmlsec, openssl, libxml, libxstl from Igor's
website for this project.

Kindly tell me, why is my dll failing if i try to use these API's. Is there any
special setting the Visual studio project to make of these binaries? or please
tell me if my approach is only wrong totally.

Any advice in this regard is greatly appreciated.

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