[xmlsec] failed to run examples in the xmlsec1

dk at pdx.edu dk at pdx.edu
Thu Nov 10 12:39:53 PST 2005

Hi Rajesh,
I was trying to run the example programs in the xmlsec1. I get the error

./sign1 sign1-tmpl.xml rsakey.pm > sign1-res.html
 ./sign1: error while loading shared libraries: libxmlsec1.so.1: cannot Open
shared object file: No such file or directory

While going through the forums, I read that you resolved this error. Can you
please help me with this...

Your reply says,
"Hi Aleksey,

I have added the lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable and ran the examples.
And every thing is working fine now.

Thanks for all your help

Rajesh B."

Divya Kolar Sunder

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