[xmlsec] Fwd: using xmlsec for digital signing

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Oct 26 07:31:44 PDT 2005

> Please forgive me if I have sent the mail twice. I want to make sure the 
> mail can reach you.
Well, this is the first copy I got :)

> 1. sign1.c shows how to sign xml data under the <Data>. Can xmlsec sign 
> an external file and produce a xml digital signing file something like 
> this :
>  ...
Yes, you can do it by using filename as Reference URI. However, the
syntax in your example is incorrect. Please read XMLDSig specification
for more details.

> 2. May I know which API function can produce the <MD5Hash> value ?
You can not produce <MD5Hash> element because it is not in XMLDSig
specification (again, read it first!). Next read any modern book
about cryptography and decided do you *really* want MD5.

> 3. I have certificate in p12 format. Can xmlsec function takes p12 file? 
> or I need to use openssl to convert it to *.pem ? 
Yes, xmlsec can load keys/certificates from p12 files.

> 4. I read the mail list and found the configure.jc need to take place in 
> compilation, but why I didn't include it also can run the program to 
> sign and verify the file ?
configure.js is one way (official) to build xmlsec on Windows. However,
you can also create MSVC project manually.


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