[xmlsec] Empty KeyValue element after a call to xmlSecKeyInfoNodeWrite()

Nicolas Clapies nclapies at entrouvert.com
Wed Oct 12 09:01:45 PDT 2005


I need to get public key value from an xmlSecKey object (it was  
created from a simple public key PEM file).

I have an xmlNodePtr key_info_node "KeyInfo" containing a "KeyValue"  
child node.
I have a local temporary key info context I initialize like this :
     ctx = xmlSecKeyInfoCtxCreate(NULL);
     ctx->mode = xmlSecKeyInfoModeWrite;
public_key is my xmlSecKey object

I do a call to xmlSecKeyInfoNodeWrite(key_info_node, public_key,  
ctx), but my "KeyValue" node is still empty.

If I display debug dump xml output with a call to  
xmlSecKeyDebugXmlDump() it looks like this :
<RSAKeyValue size="2048" />

I don't know if the empty KeyValue / RSAKeyValue element is the  
problem or if I forget to set something with my public key.
Any idea about this ?

Thanks in advance for the help,


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