[xmlsec] nss getKey

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Mon Sep 19 20:15:07 PDT 2005

Trying to get nss to sign with  key from  key3.db cert8.db in 
xmlsec-crypto-config dir

Here is command line. The template is from /tests

xmlsec1 sign --crypto nss --crypto-config xmlsec-crypto-config --output 
inout/edsign-enveloping.xml tmpl/signing/enveloping-rsa-x509chain.tmpl

I have tried everything in the template.

<KeyName>Aleksey Sanin</KeyName>

does not work ...

<KeyName>E=xmlsec at aleksey.com, CN=Aleksey Sanin, OU=Test Third Level RSA 
Certificate, O=XML Security Library (http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec), 
ST=California, C=US</KeyName>

does not work ...

It works with --pkcs12 keys/rsakey.p12 but that is the only approach I 
can get to work.

No /tests examples use signing key specified in template.

At a loss.


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