[xmlsec] Suggestions & Question

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Aug 28 09:19:51 PDT 2005

> We are introducing XML signature in our application and we will use 
> xmlsec library for that because it is the best there is.

> I noticed that mscrypto does not support PEM encoded certificates. I 
> suggest the code, that would also work for PEM certificates.
I am really not sure that CERT_QUERY_FORMAT_FLAG_BASE64_ENCODED flag
does mean PEM encoding. Have you tried it? Also can you provide a patch
using either 'cvs diff' or 'diff' commands, please?

> Also I wrote function to create xmlSecKeyPtr from PCCERT_CONTEXT. I did 
> not find anything like that in the xmlsec, but maybe I am missing 
> something.

What about xmlSecMSCryptoX509CertGetKey()?

> Pin could be passed through xmlSecDSigCtx structure. I just do not know 
> where I should apply this in xmlsec.
> Please tell me where the actual signing is going on so I can add this 
> pin setting. I thing that would also be useful adding to mscrypto in 
> xmlsec.
I am not sure I understand the question, but take a look at the
xmlSecMSCryptoSignatureExecute function. Also you might be able to
set the pin *before* calling xmlsec. This way, the pin will be
already set at the time signature is done.

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