[xmlsec] Newbie Question: How do I get at the public keys of certificates in MS-Stores, to use for encryption?

Bundschuh, Goetz Goetz.Bundschuh at usd.de
Tue Aug 16 07:05:41 PDT 2005

I have been (unsuccessfully) tinkering with the problem of using xmlsec for
encryption with the public keys of certificates stored in the "MY" Store of
Windows(current users personal certificate store). 
Looking at the source of the xmlsec/mscrypto/keystore.c implementation I
noticed a comment that implied, that an newly initialized MSCrypto-Keystore
is automatically associated with the "MY"-Store if no other Keystore is
provided. Is that correct? Or is there a better way to get at the
public/private keys of Windows store certificates?
Has somebody a code example how to get at the RSA public key of a
certificate from the one of the Windows stores to use it in an session-key
encryption scheme, like in example encrypt3.c? 

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