[xmlsec] How can I use XML security library to process online XMLtraffic?

Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Sun Jul 24 20:47:09 PDT 2005

This sounds more like an environment question. Given you are in a servlet
container with Tomcat I assume your application is Java based. To get out to
the xmlsec library (without bindings) you probably have to define the
required xmlsec "C" functions to JNI (Java Native Interface). The only
bindings I am aware of are Python bindings at

With these Python bindings you could run in any Web Server or Application
Server or Framework supporting Python. E.g. mod_python, Twisted, ZOPE, etc
Although you would have to write your application, or at least part of it,
in Python to avoid the JNI mapping job.

I know of no one working on Java bindings for xmlsec ... Anyone out there
doing so ?

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Hi, all,
    I'm new in this area. Could any one help me start?
    Below is my question.
    Can I use Tomcat as the Web server? How should I configure or compile it
to call functions in XML security library?
    Any help is appreciated.

Zhenxiao Liu

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