[xmlsec] "sign1.c" compiled failed.

Jimmy Wu clarinet at ms1.url.com.tw
Mon Jun 6 05:46:22 PDT 2005

  I am a new guy in this area, and I have a problem as compiling
"sign1.c" from the page of XML Digital Signature.This is the error
message as below:

  /usr/local/include/xmlsec/crypto.h:54:2: #error No crypto library
sign1.c: In function `sign_file':
sign1.c:160: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a

I've already installed all of packages you sugested such like nss,
openssl and so on. I have no idea what's wrong with my manipulation.
Would you figure me out what's the mistake I made? Thank you!

Best Regards,

  Jimmy Wu

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