[xmlsec] Re: xmlsec errors

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon May 30 17:26:27 PDT 2005

$ man dlopen

dlopen loads a dynamic library from the file named by the  null  termi-
nated  string  filename  and returns an opaque "handle" for the dynamic
library.  If filename is not an absolute path (i.e., it does not  begin
with a "/"), then the file is searched for in the following locations:

	A   colon-separated   list   of   directories   in   the  userâs
         LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

         The list of libraries cached in /etc/ld.so.cache.

         /lib, followed by /usr/lib.


Alexandre Kalendarev wrote:
> Hi Aleksey,
> I'm Alexander from Russia and like interest xmlsec API
> I'm Lunux begining  and have some difficult of xmlsec using.
> The xmlsec install was successful, but i have some errors when I start examples:
> [root at localhost examples]# ./encrypt1 encrypt1-tmpl.xml deskey.bin
> func=xmlSecCryptoDLLibraryCreate:file=dl.c:line=130:obj=xmlsec_lt_dlopen:subj=unknown:error=7:io function failed:filename=libxmlsec1-openssl.so
> func=xmlSecCryptoDLGetLibraryFunctions:file=dl.c:line=453:obj=unknown:subj=xmlSecCryptoDLLibraryCreate:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:crypto=openssl
> func=xmlSecCryptoDLLoadLibrary:file=dl.c:line=404:obj=unknown:subj=xmlSecCryptoDLGetLibraryFunctions:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:
> Error: unable to load default xmlsec-crypto library. Make sure
> that you have it installed and check shared libraries path
> (LD_LIBRARY_PATH) envornment variable.
> Please, tell me, what is reason of error. 
> The xmlsec lib location is /usr/local/bin 
> but i have remove @link of xmlsec  to /lib directory
> Best regards,
> Alexander Kalendarev

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