[xmlsec] building without DTD validation support in libxml

Bernd Becker bb at bernd-becker.de
Thu May 12 03:48:01 PDT 2005

Hi again,

I am trying to build a "minimal" version of libxml and xmlsec, as I just 
some of the xmldsig stuff.
So I compiled libxml2 with configure --with-valid=no (i.e. without DTD
validation support). Building the xmlsec application fails (the lib builds 

xmlsec.o(.text+0x1cc5): In function `xmlSecAppXmlDataCreate':
xmlsec1-1.2.8/apps/xmlsec.c:2453: undefined reference to `xmlParseDTD'
xmlsec.o(.text+0x1d3f):xmlsec1-1.2.8/apps/xmlsec.c:2463: undefined 
reference to `xmlValidateDtd'

So I conditionally exclude the code around "dtdFileParam" with
ifdef LIBXML_VALID_ENABLED, which is picked up from libxml/xmlversion.h.

Of course this causes all tests (with make check) that use --dtd-file
to fail.

Is that OK?

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