[xmlsec] fail to compile xmlsec in Aix 5.2

Dario Villalon dvillalo at sii.cl
Thu Mar 31 13:03:03 PST 2005

The Openssl version is 0.9.7f and this was downloaded from www.openssl.org.
This version was succesfull compiled in the Aix box.

cholguaco> pwd
cholguaco> ./openssl
OpenSSL> version
OpenSSL 0.9.7f  22 Mar 2005



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De: Aleksey Sanin [mailto:aleksey at aleksey.com]
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Para: Dario Villalуn
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Asunto: Re: [xmlsec] fail to compile xmlsec in Aix 5.2

> I tried to compile xmlsec libraries in a  AIX 5.2 server but this fail in
> the 'make' process:

It seems that your version of OpenSSL is different from
the "stock" one. Can you try to compile OpenSSL downloaded
from http://openssl.org and then compile xmlsec against
this version of OpenSSL, please?


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