[xmlsec] Re: Xmlsec1-1.27 tests Merlin xmldsig 23 signature.xml

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Mar 22 08:46:50 PST 2005

All the tests included with the library can be executed with
	make check
	nmake check
These commands produces log file that includes not only output
results but also commands used to run the test. For example,
the following command successfully verified the merlin's test
few minutes ago on my box (you might need to adjust paths):

/cygdrive/d/dev/xmlsec/win32/binaries/xmlsec.exe verify
--crypto-config /cygdrive/d/dev/xmlsec/win32/tmp/xmlsec-crypto-config

Note that this test requires xslt thus libxslt needs to be present
and libxmlsec needs to be compiled against it.


Mabry, F. DR EECS wrote:
> *I have been trying to work with the heavy duty test (included with 
> xmlsec1-1.2.7) signature.xml (found in 
> tests/merlin-xmldsig-twenty-three/signature.xml). The version of the 
> file that I have verifies at the web site 
> (**_http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/xmldsig-verifier.html_**).  I cannot 
> seem to get the command line version of the utility to repeat the 
> process locally.  I have downloaded all the  most update versions of the 
> utilities for the WIN32 environment.  Obviously, the code and libraries 
> work via the web service.  I can try compiling the CGI based service and 
> setting it up on a web server.  In looking over the source for the web 
> service I have not noticed any special aspects of the use of the 
> libraries that would make me doubt that the command line utility would 
> not be able to accomplish the same result that the web verify service does.*
> *Is there any special set up needed for use of the command line utility 
> with respect to the specific example file?  Mr./Dr./? Zlatkovic, have 
> you ever used the Windows command line utility against the 
> "signature.xml" test file noted above?  Perhaps I am overlooking some 
> particular command line argument that is needed.  The documentation is a 
> little terse.  I have been trying to reorganize some of the information 
> for my own use.  *
> *Thanks to both of you and the others that have contributed to the 
> library.  I have been using it as an instructional support in some 
> senior project classes.*
> *Frank*
> */Dr. Frank J. Mabry, Jr./*
> *Dept. of EE&CS*
> *U.S. Military Academy*
> *West Point, NY 10996*
> *Phone: 845-938-2960*
> *Email: df6954 at exmail.usma.edu*
> /”The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast 
> it.”/ – William James

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