[xmlsec] static compiling

steve mackley stvmackley at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 06:55:08 PST 2005

Thanks for the previous advice, that a good solution.
I try to compil a small test program and link all libs
in  static mode and no dynamic loading.

For xmlsec :
I did :
config_xmlsec   = ./configure                         
--with-libxml= xxx                                    
             --with-libxslt=  xxx                     

&& make && make install

Then I compil and link my program with the lib
with the following flags :
-Wall -DLASSO_DEBUG -DXMLSEC_CRYPTO=\"openssl\"       

With the following code :

Of course the functions :
warning: implicit declaration of function
warning: implicit declaration of function
are not found declared and symbol are missing.

This is probably due to 
app.h where nothing is defined if 

So I get confuse:
what should I do to build a correct program with  both
static link and no dynamic loading ?
Should I really call all these functions :

Best regards.

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