[xmlsec] Big patch to xmlsec in recent OpenOffice.org sources

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Mar 1 20:06:04 PST 2005

Hi, Chandler!

As we discussed with Andrew before, the MSCryptoAppliedKeysMngr is gone
and you will need to use MSCryptoDefaultKeysMngr:


Note that all of the XXXKeyLoad functions you listed have no body at
all in the patch that was sent to me thus I did not implement them
in xmlsec. I can do it but I am not sure it makes much sense to me :)


Chandler Peng wrote:
> Hi , Aleksey ,
> I  have checked the latest trunk of xmlsec-mscrypto and it is no problem 
> for openoffice(src680m81) except 4 functions missed.
> The missed funtions are
> xmlSecMSCryptoAppliedKeysMngrCreate()
> xmlSecMSCryptoAppliedKeysMngrPriKeyLoad()
> xmlSecMSCryptoAppliedKeysMngrPubKeyLoad()
> xmlSecMSCryptoAppliedKeysMngrSymKeyLoad()
> and implemented in akmngr.c .
> Would you pleased to add these functions into xmlsec-mscrypto ?
> Chandler .

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