[xmlsec] Big patch to xmlsec in recent OpenOffice.org sources

Andrew Fan Xuelei.Fan at Sun.COM
Sun Feb 27 22:17:21 PST 2005

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> 4) src/mscrypto/certkeys.c, xmlSecMSCryptoKeyDataAdoptCert() function:
> There is a change in CryptAcquireContext() call: the ctx->providerName
> is replaced with NULL. I believe that in this case, the default crypto
> provide will be used and I agree that this is a right thing to do.
> However, I am not sure if this would change anything for other
> xmlsec-mscrypto users.
Definitely, I think you're right at this pointer, ctx->providerName 
should not be set to NULL in a common way.  I made the little change 
here because I have no way to specify the provider name, so I delegated 
it to system setting. In the sources, we only have one way to setup the 
provier, at xmlSecMSCryptoKeyDataRsaInitialize(),
ctx->providerName = MS_ENHANCED_PROV;

at xmlSecMSCryptoKeyDataDsaInitialize(),
ctx->providerName = MS_DEF_DSS_PROV;

All of the two methos hardly bind the provider, which will not allow 
user to specify they preferred provider. I think it's necessary to 
provide addtional interfaces allowing user specify they providers.


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