[xmlsec] Big patch to xmlsec in recent OpenOffice.org sources

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Feb 27 20:07:15 PST 2005

This change is checked in: instead of AppliedKeysManager for
xmlsec-mscrypto you can use default keys manager and
replace xmlSecMSCryptoX509StoreAdoptXXX functions
with xmlSecMSCryptoAppDefaultKeysMngrAdoptXXX functions.


Aleksey Sanin wrote:
>>>>> 1) xmlsec/include/xmlsec/mscrypto/akmngr.c, 
>>>>> xmlsec/src/mscrypto/akmngr.c
>>>>> Why do you need "AppliedKeyManager"? How is it different from the
>>>>> "DefaultKeyManager" and do you think it would be easier to just
>>>>> merge the two?
>>>> The AppliedKeyManager enable user specify their preferred key store 
>>>> and certificate store. It would be a good idea just simply support 
>>>> both of the two manager.
>>> I would really love to merge these two guys together. May be we can just
>>> add functions to set prefered key/certs store to the DefaultKeysManager
>>> and provide reasonable defaults as we do now. I believe this way we can
>>> avoid un-necessary code duplication (see item 0) too).
>> It's a little harder, but definitely better. :-)

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