[xmlsec] XML Security Library 1.2.7 release

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Feb 23 07:41:58 PST 2005

The new XML Security Library release includes several bug fixes and 
minor enchancements:

     * (core) added xmlSecSimpleKeysStoreGetKeys() function;
     * (core) added functions to create <X509Data/> node children
       in the signature template;
     * (core) fixed xmlSecGenerateID() function;
     * (core) fixed dynamic linking initialization/shutdown when
       custom memory allocation functions are used;
     * (core) fixed encrypted text parsing and xmlParseInNodeContext()
     * (openssl) fixed parsing quoted values in the certificate subject;
     * (mscrypto) negative numbers support in xmlSecBnFromString() and
       xmlSecBnToString() functions.

It is available for download at the usual place:


Thanks to everyone who send bug reports and patches!


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