[xmlsec] Compiling under solaris

xs04.jmdesp at free.fr xs04.jmdesp at free.fr
Mon Nov 14 09:59:16 PST 2005

I'm currently compiling xmlsec 1.2.9 under solaris (with gcc using the gnu
binutils, hoping that it would work better than with the native tools).
Unfortunately the link gives an error "relocations remain against allocatable
but non-writable sections".

I suspect that it could be linked to the other message :
*** Warning: Linking the shared library libxmlsec1-openssl.la against the
*** static library ..../local/lib/libcrypto.a is not portable!

In fact, configure always decides to link libxmlsec1-openssl with libcrypto.a
instead of the dynamic version.

There's a test inside configure :
    if test -f "$with_openssl/lib/libcrypto$shrext" ; then
        OPENSSL_LIBS="-L$with_openssl/lib -lcrypto -ldl"
        OPENSSL_LIBS="$with_openssl/lib/libcrypto.a -ldl"

An added "echo" before that line shows that $shrext is empty.
And in fact I see only references to shrext_cmds in the file, not shrext ?

  shrext_cmds='$(test .$module = .yes && echo .so || echo .dylib)'

I'm no autoconf expert unfortunately, but the message below suggests that this
might revel a version conflict in the autotools :

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