[xmlsec] Encrypting/Decrypting XML is stripping some schema prefixes

Robert Fox robertf at softshare.com
Mon Nov 15 11:17:27 PST 2004


I want to first make sure that this is what is or isn't supposed to be
happening. After that, I can post examples, but my basic problem is

1. I am signing XML using an identifier:  so inside the Signature block,
I will have a reference element that looks something like:
    <Reference URI="#id33">
2. In the actual XML, I have to prepend the "xml:" prefix for the xml
namespace to the location I am signing in order for xmlsec to find the
node, for example:
     <OrderNumber xml:id="id33">0000000802</OrderNumber> 
 If I omit the "xml:", xmlsec will fail to find the referenced node

3. After signing, I am encrypting the element above.

4. here is where it gets fun, when I decrypt the above node to verify
that everything is working ok, the "xml:" is no longer present, leaving
me with:
     <OrderNumber id="id33">0000000802</OrderNumber> 
This is very bad, because now, when I go to verify the signature, xmlsec
cannot find the referenced node.

So my overall question, WHY is xmlsec stripping off the "xml:" when


Robert Fox

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