[xmlsec] Key Store

nitin singh xml_prgrm at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 8 14:43:47 PST 2004

Thanks a ton.
I have another question to ask
xmlsec key is following
name, value, dataList, usage, notvalidbefore,

Here dataList contains data from different
keydataids. Lets say i have xmlSecKeyDataX509Id as one
of the entries.
Now this keydata object can store various X509
certificates, internally .

we do this by calling xmlSecCryptoAppKeyCertLoad

I have been given access to this dataList structure.
But I can get access to the certificates stored with
this key :( ...........

in one line, i cannot call
X509* xmlSecOpenSSLKeyDataX509GetCert
xmlSecSize xmlSecOpenSSLKeyDataKeyX509GetCertSize.
or if i can then please do tell me. i get linker
errors... (crypto.c etc......)
This is necessary because i have been given a public
key and i have to find the corresponding private key,


--- Aleksey Sanin <aleksey at aleksey.com> wrote:

> You have it (see xmlSecSimpleKeysStoreGetKeys
> function) :)
> Aleksey

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