[xmlsec] C14N

Varun Sekhri varunsekhri at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 12 15:51:28 PDT 2004

Hello Aleksey,
I saw that you are the author of C14N in libxml2, so I
am posting this in xmlsec mailing list. I have two

1. I was not able to find out an API for
xmlOutputBufferCreate . Although it is provided in
xmlsec .xmlSecBufferCreateOutputBuffer.

2. I have a need for parsing c14n canonicalized data
and get a new DOM. I took a method of using
xmlC14NDocDumpMemory and then xmlParseDoc(xmlChar *)
function.It works.

But in parser transform similar thing has been
acheived by 
/* required for c14n*/

I tried to do the same but my outputbuffer->buffer was
always null and outputbuffer->use=0. :(
I am trying to understand why?
Is my method wrong , given the c14n implementation in
libxml2 ??? 
thanks in adavance

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