[xmlsec] Implementing GOST algorythm support

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Sep 23 08:26:53 PDT 2004

Hi, Dmitry!

> My chief agreed to submit this work back to xmlsec, so I am interested
> if it would be enough to provide all necessary header-files.
> Library I support is proprietary, but our company wants it support to be
> included into xmlsec.
Hm... I think that there are multiple issues here.

1) Adding to xmlsec support for GOST algorithms.
It is really minor change and it makes perfect sense to me. The
only thing here is all these defines for new keys/transform ids
to make it work with multiple crypto libraries.

2) Adding to xmlsec support for a proprietary library nobody else
but you can use.
I think we have a little problem. I am not sure that as a maintainer
of xmlsec I would be interested in this. If you want to use xmlsec
with some crypto library then you can easily do it *without* any
changes to xmlsec at all (even if it has new algorithms like GOST).
xmlsec-openssl, xmlsec-mscrypto, etc. are all first class citizens.
If you create another xmlsec-<crytpo> library then you can load
and use it in exactly the same way as existing ones.

> Right now I have some more patches to be submitted. They define constants
> and strings concerning to russian GOST algorythms.
Good! I suspect that this is the item number 1) from above. Can you do
a diff against current CVS?

> Also I'm interested in read-only access to CVS, but link to Gnome CVS at
> http://cvs.gnome.org/bonsai/rview.cgi?cvsroot=/cvs/gnome&dir=xmlsec is
> broken.
Thanks, I fixed it. But this link is for online CVS. The link for read
only access to CVS is the previous one


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