[xmlsec] unable to dereference URI

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Sep 10 08:35:52 PDT 2004

> and after a while I get the following errors
 > ...
> failed:uri=http://www.google.com/index.html;errno=115
Look at your errno.h and find out what does this mean.

> Seems like http is not working. I am currently working

> with libxml2.6.9 and xmlsec 1.2.5. i checked for the 
> nanohttp.c files etc. they all seem to be there.
> Please tell me if anything more I have to do to
> compile   
> http support in libxml2.
Try to check if http support was compiled in

$ xmllint --version

It should print HTTP in the list of "compiled with". However,
from your decription it sounds like a network problem. BTW, what
OS are we talking about?


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