[xmlsec] I need your help!

StackWD(hotmail) StackWD at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 20:32:49 PDT 2004


    Thanks for your help. At present we build a module as a part of APACHE. Now we are difficult to debug when compile APACHE project. So I want to get some advice what reasons may be. It's so hard for me so I need your help more details.
    Thank you very much.

>Get a debugger!!! I am sorry but I can not and do not want to debug
>your code for you.
>StackWD(hotmail) wrote:
>> Hi!
>>   I need your help when I encrypt a node after it signed already. But there are some mistakes lists below and I haven't known what the error occur. Thx!

        StackWD at hotmail.com

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