[xmlsec] how does one actualy use the xmlsec1 command utility

Jon Bendtsen bendtsen at diku.dk
Fri Aug 27 08:30:22 PDT 2004

Den 27. aug 2004, kl. 17:26, skrev Aleksey Sanin:

> I think it is time to read the spec and/or some
> books http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/related.html
>> I was kind of expecting it to be able to sign any file stuffed in 
>> between the <Data> and </Data> tag.
> You have an XML file which is processed by XML parser. You can sign
> any valid XML placed between these two tags.
>> Binary files would have to be encoded in another xml file saying
>> <xml blabla>
>>   <Binary data>
>> $@$%&>JCBNYIcu489235
>> @$%$3453453456
>>  gogjofgssdf
>>   </Binary data>
>> </xml>
> Not necessary. You can sign external files as well. Just use URI
> attribute in the Reference to point to it.

Can i have an empty data section and only reference to it by the URI?
Would that work with non XML files as well?


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