[xmlsec] Cygwin+XmlSec

Gerrit P. Haase gp at familiehaase.de
Fri Aug 6 04:23:46 PDT 2004

Hello Roland,

RS> thank you for the quick reply - and sorry for this dumb
RS> question, but: how do i apply the patch?
RS> I have the tools you mentioned installed, but since i am not
RS> a C programmer, i dont know how to work with "patch -p <
RS> xmlsec1-1.2.5-1.patch"

Put the patch and the source tarball in an empty directory, then:
bunzip2 xmlsec1-1.2.5.patch.bz2
tar xzf xmlsec1-1.2.5.tar.gz
patch -p0 < xmlsec1-1.2.5.patch
cd xmlsec1-1.2.5
autoreconf --install --verbose --force
./configure --disable-static ...
make install

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Gerrit P. Haase
mailto:gp at familiehaase.de

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