[xmlsec] Cygwin+XmlSec

Gerrit P. Haase gp at familiehaase.de
Fri Aug 6 01:51:56 PDT 2004

Hello Roland,

RS>> Any ideas?

GPH> I see the same problem.  It seems that dlopen doesn't work in this
GPH> case.  Can you point me to the relevant source part (where the dynamic
GPH> library should get loaded)?

I found it, the xmlSecCryptoDLLibraryConstructFilename() fuunction in
dl.c is broken (regarding to cygwin), try the attached patch and see
how to fix the remaining issues (lot of test are failing), after
applying the patch change to the source directory and run:
  autoreconf --install --verbose --force
(this needs latest autoconf-devel, automake-devel, libtool-devel

Loading the crypto library works now for me(tm):
$ xmlsec1 --encrypt keys.xml
loading "library openssl"...
library openssl loaded
Error: failed to find default node with name="EncryptedData"
Error: failed to encrypt file with template "keys.xml"
unloading "library openssl"...

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