[xmlsec] non us-ascii filenames in user locale

Roumen Petrov xmlsec at roumenpetrov.info
Tue Jun 22 02:41:00 PDT 2004

Please find attached file "uni2nonuni-filename.c.bz2".
This sample debug translation from unicode string "modèle.txt" to all 
supported iconv charsets (including aliases) and check for existence of 
the file.

Test linux enviroment:
- iconv version 2.2.5;
- LANG=bg_BG.ISO8859-5;
- filename "modèle.txt" is created in locale fr_FR.

Converted to nonunicode string filename is valid in 88 cases from 915 
charsets (including aliases).
Most important are:

> Filename  is created in user locale and name is not unicode string.
> In Reference "URI  attribute" is in UTF-8, i.e. unicode string.
> Did you have idea how to solve problem ?
> Did you now method from libxml or xmlsec that can help me to found 
> non-unicode charset for a string in unicode ?
> This method shouldn't depend from user locale.

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