[xmlsec] non us-ascii filenames in user locale

Roumen Petrov xmlsec at roumenpetrov.info
Mon Jun 21 05:21:09 PDT 2004

Hi Aleksey,

I have problems with reference file url, when file name contain 
characters above 128.
To debug the problem i do some modifications in src/io.c and 
apps/xmlsec.c - please find attached file "xmlsec1-1.2.2-locale.patch.bz2":
- in io.c filename is converted from UTF-8 to current locale 
codesec(charset) in addition;
- xmlsec.c is changed to support current locale settings.

Test case goal is to sign file with name "modèle.txt" and test files are 
in attachment "nonlatin_names.tar.gz".

Konsole(KDE) snapshots  are in files "xmlsec-fr_FR-ISO-8859-1.png" and 
Note that this name cannot be converted from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-5 charset.

When locale is fr_FR all work as expected.
When locale is bg_BG (note codeset is ISO-8859-5) test with UTF-8 fail 
as excepted. Test with ISO-8859-5 succeed but debug output 
xmlSecTransformInputURIOpen show strange file name. This file name is 
not in UTF-8 encoding. Might this is libxml (2.6.3) bug ?

I don't think that xmlsec should depend and use directly iconv. I think 
than xmlsec should ensure reference url in UTF-8 and escaped only. Rest 
of this migth should do libxml.
What is your opinion ?

Problem is how to get CPnnnn (for MS-Win) encodings to work in libxml 
without to write extra code. We can build it with iconv, but libxml 
limit encodings(charset).
Should we call iconv methods in xmlsec or to register more encoding 
handlers in libxml or to wait libxml to extend supported encodings to 
match available in iconv ?

Roumen Petrov

Note file io.c is same in xmlsec 1.2.5.

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