[xmlsec] New Structure For Windows Binary Packages

Igor Zlatkovic igor at zlatkovic.com
Wed Jun 9 03:45:32 PDT 2004

Hi there.

Beginning with the next release of libxml2, libxslt and xmlsec, I will 
change the directory structure in the binary packages to match what 
almost all other open-source projects use when releasing binaries. Makes 
it easier to drop them all in the same top-level directory on the disc.

Specifically, I'll put executables and shared libraries in 'bin' 
subdirectory. The subdirectory 'util', which held the executables so 
far, will vanish. The rest will remain the way it was.

Those who build from the sources are not affected. Those who depend on 
the current directory structure will have to adapt to this evolving 
world. :-)

For libxml2, the test utilities (test*.exe) will no longer be a part of 
the distribution.

Any objections?


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