[xmlsec] Dos the XMLSec library support multithreading?

StackWood stackwood at 263.net
Fri May 14 02:39:53 PDT 2004


>man pthread_create

  Sorry, I didn't quite catch it completely. I just create one thread to encrypt at a time, the program stop when execute function xmlSecEncCtxXmlEncrypt() - that's an important function belongs to encrypt, and get an error message "Segmentation fault". I’m sure the program compile successfully in one process without use thread. It seems like I missed something but I haven’t know. So I wish someone give me some advices more detail.
  Thanks you very much!!! I appreciate it!

>>       ret=pthread_create(&id,NULL,(void *) encrypt_file,(void *) xmlInfo);
>>       if(ret!=0)
>>       {
>>         fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: Create pthread error!\n");
>>         return(-1);
>>       }
>>     }
>> end:
>>     /* destroy keys manager */
>>     xmlSecKeysMngrDestroy(mngr);

        stackwood at 263.net

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