[xmlsec] How to build xmlsec project in VC++?

Igor Zlatkovic igor at zlatkovic.com
Sat May 8 04:01:21 PDT 2004

On 08.05.2004 11:53, StackWood wrote:

> Hi!


> When I compile my application in VC++, sometimes I need to trace 
 > into the function provided by xmlsec if there are errors. But
 > following the processes described in  /win32/readme.txt, I can
> only get files such as xmlsec.lib xmlsec.dll etc. So I want to 
 > know are there any methods to implement, or would your provide
 > project file(.dsp) of xmlsec in VC++?

Sorry, I didn't quite catch. The named readme describes how to build the 
library, not how to debug it. Build the library and enable the debugging 
symbol generation. Thereafter, your debbuger should automagically jump 
into the libxml source and ask you where it is if it cannot find the 
source. The VC DSP file has nothing to do with this.

And by the way, a DSP file for xmlsec does not exist.

> I have download windows binaries for XMLSec Library (as well as 
 > LibXML2, LibXSLT and OpenSSL) from Igor Zlatkovic; I have already
 > built libraries according to the description in readme.txt in
> directory /xmlsec/win32.

Pay attention to the options you can pass to the configure.js script and 
enable the debugging symbols when you build your own binaries. You don't 
need my binaries, you cannot debug them.


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