[xmlsec] How to build xmlsec project in VC++?

StackWood StackWD at hotmail.com
Sat May 8 02:53:54 PDT 2004


   When I compile my application in VC++, sometimes I need to trace into the function provided by xmlsec if there are errors. But following the processes described in  /win32/readme.txt, I can only get files such as xmlsec.lib xmlsec.dll etc. So I want to know are there any methods to implement, or would your provide project file(.dsp) of xmlsec in VC++? 
   I have download windows binaries for XMLSec Library (as well as LibXML2, LibXSLT and OpenSSL) from Igor Zlatkovic; I have already built libraries according to the description in readme.txt in directory /xmlsec/win32.

        StackWD at hotmail.com

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