[xmlsec] xmlsec with Intel IPP CP

xs04.jmdesp at free.fr xs04.jmdesp at free.fr
Fri May 7 04:27:00 PDT 2004

Quoting "Li, Yunhong" <yunhong.li at intel.com>:
> Intel has the crypto library. The crypto library is optimized for IA32
> and IA64 on both Linux and Windows. The performance is supposed to be
> much better than the OpenSSL crypto library. Has anyone tried to
> integrate XMLSec with the Intel crypto library?

Anyone interested in integrating support for this Intel product in libxmlsec can
write the adequate crypto interface libray.

Especially if Intel thinks it would make it's library more popular if there was
such an interface, it's very adequate that it contributes to writing it.
I think in most case in the past when a library has been integrated to xmlsec,
there was some support of the developers of the library  because it might not be
very easy to integrate everything to the specificities of the xmlsec crypto
interface API.

It could have been useful to give a direct link to the description :
(Download evaluation version link) :

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