[xmlsec] Question regarding web services stack

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Hi Manoj,

    I had asked this question many months ago, and found the following combination works well:

Python Bindings for XMLSec Library:

Once you get the fabulous XMLSec library exposed thru Python, the sky is the limit. You can use any of the SimpleHTTP-based Python modules or a more comprehensive framework like Twisted below.

I guess you have to like Python to appreciate this combination, but if you know Perl, you'll love Python. I picked it up in days. 

Have Fun,
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  Hi All,

            Does anyone on this list tried building complete web services stack with security enabled meaning using libxml for XML parsing, using XML security libraries. I don't see any reference to SOAP parser or WSDL generation tools here on this list. Can anyone please give some ideas on building the complete web services stack by putting together various pieces?

  Thanks for the help.


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