[xmlsec] Question with code for xmlencryption

Govind Krishnamurthi govs23 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 27 14:04:39 PDT 2004


>Any questions about xmlsec should go to the list :)
>1) The template in encDataNode is not attached to the doc until the
>xmlSecEncCtxXmlEncrypt() function is called. Thus you will not see
>these new nodes in the "xmlDocDump(stdout,doc);". Try
>"xmlElemDump(stdout,doc,encDataNode );" instead.
>2) xmlSecEncCtxXmlEncrypt() function does all the XML Encryption things
>and then it places the template from encDataNode in the correct place
>in the doc structure.
>Govind Krishnamurthi wrote:
>>Hello Aleksey,
>>Thanks for your email. I haven't forwarded this email to the mailing list 
>>as I thought this question may not be relevant for others.
>>Co-incidentally, I was also trying to dump the template onto a file when 
>>your email arrived.  I did an xmlDocDump(stdout,doc); exit(-1); just 
>>before the XMLEncrypt function and
>>I was suprised to see that nothing had been added to the original xml 
>>file. So I was curious and
>>tried to add the same two lines in encrypt3.c before the XMLEncrypt 
>>function and tried it out and I had the same result as mine. There was no 
>>difference between the original xml file and the template. Am I going 
>>wrong somewhere here.
>>Also, you seem to set the encDataNode to NULL here with the comment that 
>>this inserts the template into the doc. I didn't understand this. 
>>Appreciate any help from you. Sorry for any inconvenience,
>>Thanks in advance,

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