[xmlsec] How to use X509 certicate encrypt a XML file?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Apr 13 03:31:07 PDT 2004

>    I have already read tutorial and examples from your xmlsec site, especially "encrypt3.c"(Encrypting data with a session key). But I think I don't know how to do till now.
>    In the example of "Encrypting data with a session key" I found it needs only the same key when encrypted and decrypted even if a RSA key. Now my purpose is that I can use public key in the certificate to encrypt and decrypt with corresponding private key elsewhere. But the example don't mentioned about this. Could you be so kind to help me about this asymmetric key to encrypte problem, please?
>    Thank you!

Where in this example


there is a mention of "private" key?

Take a look at this function:



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